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This page shows all the projects of the Kenyan chapter of Icare. The Kenyan team consists of an enthusiastic team from civil society, university life and young people. We are open to partnerships and volunteers. 

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Kenya Projects


Plastic recyling Kenya

Our aim is to start a plastic plant in Kenya. This will give employment to many people. Also, it will be a revenue stream for Icare as an organization.


Backyard Technology Catfish Farming

This technology resolves food insecurity by making omega-3 enhanced catfish available to households. We work on a pilot with 50 households in Western Kenya


Explorers for the Global Goals

Our vice-president Carolyne participated in field testing materials for this project by ‘the World’s Largest Lesson’.

Start sept 2019

Start SDGs for schools project

This projects teaches students about the SDGs and empowers them to start their own projects such as planting trees.

Fish farming at lake victoria

Icare smart backyard pond technology

SDG1 is no poverty and SDG2 states no hunger. With this revolutionary fish farming technology, both issues are tackled. Fish enriched with Omega-3 can be raised in backyard ponds with this new technology. Icare is currently working on a pilot to test the technology with 50 households. This technology is invented by Dr. Zachary Shitote of Eldoret University.

Plastic recycling plant Kenya

The goal is to establish a plastic recycling project in Kenya in 2021. The project will offer job opportunities to people with varying educational backgrounds. This project is a social enterprise, which means that part of the profit goes back to the community and part of the profit is used to finance Icare Sustainably as an organization.

SDG 4 Schools

With this project, we start clubs in schools to teach students about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Through those clubs, we motivate the students to start their own projects to work on the goals. An example of that is planting trees in Hill school Kenya.

Bicycles 4 Schools Project

Bicycles empower youth to take control of their own mobility. For this project we work together with escuelalideresbici who have already set up a successful bicycle project in Bogota, Colombia

Kenyan board

Meet the boardmembers of the Kenyan chapter of Icare. 

Zacharia Shitote

Zacharia Shitote

Chairperson Kenyan Board

Carolyne Nyarangi

Carolyne Nyarangi

President of Icare international and country rep Kenya.

Kenkevin Wekesa

Kenkevin Wekesa


Samuel Khayo Shitote

Samuel Khayo Shitote


Articles about Kenyan Projects

Bridging the widening gap in education between the poor and the rich during and in the wake of Covid-19 with a focus on Kenya

In spite of the pandemic we cannot neglect the importance of pursuing the SDG’s. The pandemic has a negative effect on development with risks of possible increase in poverty, hunger, gender inequality and lack of access to quality education for all. Immediate efforts are done to prevent hunger and people getting sick focused on short-term consequences of the pandemic. However, the long-term effects of the pandemic cannot be ignored. If we don’t take measures now, there will be increased inequality among other things. One reason for that is the challenge to continue education (for marginalized communities).

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