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Digital resources to decrease inequality. We assist to implement technology for marginalized communities


What is the situation of street children in Dhaka? 


Scenery of street life in Dhaka City, Bangladesh

The power of the bicycle, with a focus on Colombia


Colombian child with her certificate of the bicycle training, Bogotá

Teachers continue their work in Colombia


Colombian girl going to school in colourful streets

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Current Projects

Education for all in Covid-19

Icare is developing a series of digital resources to inspire and provide solutions to education centres like schools, colleges, universities, etc on how to continue education during this pandemic period.

Most of the solutions are coming from students and teachers as well as experts in distance learning, as well as from other organizations who are compromised with their communities in the same goal as Icare, make quality education available to all.

SDG for Schools

The SDG for schools project was launched at Hill school primary in Eldoret in 2019. The project aims to encourage students to be aware, to care, to share, and help support the achievement of the SDGs. This is done by focusing on a SDG in groups, and participating in challenges.

Training Use Technology

Icare provides an educational program for adults who had stopped schooling or had not gotten the chance to attend a high school course.

Also, we aim to give quality education and development through the digital revolution.

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If you want to join or participate, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are also willing to discuss our projects to find even more effective ways to improve sustainability.

We aim to launch projects anywhere in the world where we can empower marginalized communities and encourage living sustainably.

Support us. Join us. Be happy with us.


Our attention as AAR Healthcare Eldoret team to Icare Sustainably International was drawn by
how they presented their well detailed proposal on how to tackle climate change and SDGs for
schools. Under the stewardship of Carolyne the event was coordinated flawlessly, with that success
story our team is committed to work with Icare Sustainably International in future events
whenever they call on us.

Robins Mutai

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We are a team of international individuals who are socially and environmentally conscious and seek to bring change in the world by using sustainable solutions that improve livelihoods in marginalized and rural communities.