Icare Sustainably is an international non-profit organization focused on improving the livelihood of marginalized communities. This we do by implementing environmental sustainable solutions for their everyday challenges.

An example of our work is to educate youths and children on the sustainable development goals set by the UN.

Our belief is that when the next generation is aware of the importance of the environment and developing sustainably, the future is bright.

Through education, implementing technology for marginalized communities and projects aimed at improving livelihoods in a sustainable way, we give the tools to achieve that sustainable future.

Equality & connections

Bridge the gap and make marginalized communities part of mainstream economies

Innovation & technology

Make high performance technology accessible to boost sustainable development

Nature & sustainability

Conservation projects to enable communities to live in a healthier environment and decrease threats of climate change

International board

Meet the teammembers of the international board

Carolyne Nyarangi

Carolyne Nyarangi

President of Icare international and country rep Kenya

About Carolyne
Carolyne is a co-founder, president and country director of Icare sustainably international. She has several years of experience in human resources management and child behavioural change management.
She has been a very valuable and dedicated course facilitator at Philanthropy University. Carolyne has also initiated various projects in Kenya as an educator for the global goals. One of those projects was field testing the ‘Explorers for the Global Goals‘ materials by the world largest lesson, Project Everyone.
Rianne Doller

Rianne Doller

board member

About Rianne
Rianne is educated in International Development Studies and Urban Environmental Management. The focus of the studies was how to incorporate different world views into conservation. Her goal is to implement sustainable livelihood strategies which fit with the reality on the ground.
Currently, she runs her own web design company where she has experienced the importance of creating clear content to share a vision. Rianne is determined to use this knowledge to advocate the need to adopt sustainable environmental practises. Adopting those practises is the only way to guarantee a safe future for everyone and especially the marginalized people.
Pilar Rosas

Pilar Rosas


About Pilar

Colombian passionate about sustainability and social impact. Studied European management in Germany with the aim to become an international professional.

Always looking for opportunities and meaningful projects to improve lives. Since I come from a country which is catastrophically unequal, there was always a desire to help inside me, to build a better community based on collaboration principles, and many other ideas. For this reason, the achievement of sustainable development within Latin America was growing along my career path. Experiencing inequalities made me want to think out of my box and look for improvement or innovations.

Sustainability has many different sides, which can improve a community in different ways. Therefore, the SDG’s can serve as a guideline to achieve improvements in a community. By following sustainability principles, we are helping to improve the environment, our sustainable economic development, and in a broad sense, the society.

I would like everyone to be conscious and understand the value of our planet and act towards a more careful lifestyle. And that is the main reason for me to engage in sustainability projects or organizations. Icare means for me the possibility to reach other people and engage in sustainability together.

Abhishek Pandey

Abhishek Pandey


About Pandey

Pandey has a multidisciplinary background in areas such as computer technology, development, entrepreneurship, economics and public policy.

He has worked both in the corporate and government sector with multiple experimental ideas from past knowledge and experiences. There have been multiple failures and successes. What has made the difference to make an impact is the ability to come back stronger the next project

Greta Pons

Greta Pons


About Greta

Greta has more than fifteen years of experience as Sustainability Project Manager. In that role, she supports corporations to develop an environmental strategy in line with CSR and the SDGs. Determined to protect the environment and all living beings. She gives organizations tools to manage their social and environmental impact.

Her free time is spent outside in nature. Outdoor sports bring her closer to nature and help her value a healthy environment.

Debbie Williams Campbell

Debbie Williams Campbell

Boardmember & Country Representative Trinidad

About Debbie

Debbie is passionate about empowering children and helping others live their best healthy life. Her focus is on special needs and the mentally ill. This she does by researching and promoting healthy lifestyles and family unity and empowerment. She supports the sustainability of communities and protection of the environment to improve people’s holistic health. This will help them better contribute to society.

Her experience as a children’s Educator and customer service makes her capable of reaching out and relating to children and adults creatively. Her former work as an IT Technician has enhanced her ability to find the technological advances with the potential to improve the environment.

Debbie loves problem-solving as a way to bring positive change!


We are a team of international individuals who are socially and environmentally conscious and seek to bring change in the world by using sustainable solutions that improve livelihoods in marginalized and rural communities.